How To Explode Your Car Sales Online

If you're a salesperson whose dealership has recently gone online, or an entrepreneur looking to sell cars online, you're probably wondering about the best way to handle online customers. This new breed is entirely different, and dealerships everywhere are incorporating internet sales techniques into their existing auto sales training programs as a result.

The internet buyer is much more discriminating than their offline counterpart. They are searching for added value, choice and much more than the best price.
Therefore, being able to turn their enquiries into sales should be the goal of all online dealerships. But how do you, as a salesperson go about this effectively?

To begin with, a good understanding of today's internet buyers is in order. They are much more educated about what can be had online. That's because most auto dealer websites allow them to do just about everything except kick the tires. Internet car buyers have greater control over the buying process. They can access information around the clock, greatly reduce searching time, comparison shop and even obtain financing online. That means that once they've reached you, they are much better informed than the car buyers of old. However, it doesn't mean that the salesperson has been outmoded! Salespeople are as an integral part of the auto-purchasing process as they've always been. Customers still need someone to help clear confusion and finalize the sale.

It should be understood that the internet presents a golden opportunity for auto retailers and sales people to re-evaluate and reinvent their customer image. For example, the online salesperson can elevate the entire dealership's image by assuming a more advisory role with customers. This role is highly important, considering that said customer will already know a great deal about what you have to offer. As well, internet buyers, already being used to the low pressure, self-controlled buying process are more likely to respond negatively to traditional pressure selling tactics.

Internet auto sales training should communicate the benefits of using the internet to engage a customer at the shopping stage and provide superior customer service, something that has always been a cornerstone of the auto industry. Training should also identify the benefits of utilizing internet customer relationship marketing to reinforce strong brand loyalty.

How many internet sales a dealership makes will ultimately depend on the amount of useful information on that dealership's website. Today's internet buyer will not wait for new information to be added; if a website does not have what they are looking for, they will simply go elsewhere. The internet is seen as 'the great equalizer' of all businesses. Dealerships are no longer just competing with companies down the street; they are being compared to dealerships world wide. Therefore, it is even more critical that any auto sales techniques be original and dynamic; something that catches the buyer's eye or ear and leaves them compelled to know more.

Customer service is just as important online as it is offline; the salesperson must be willing and able to follow up with any and all internet enquiries received. According to a recent J.D. Power Autoshopper survey, 22% of all new vehicle buyers said that the internet affected their choice of a dealer, up from 14% in 2002. Therefore, how a dealer or salesperson responds to internet requests is of increasing importance to customers.

Quality customer relationship management software is another way that a net-savvy dealership can manage its enquiries. Incorporating technology into the office has many other benefits as well. Today's salespeople can now communicate from anywhere, whether it via PDA, cell phone or laptop, making them more accessible to customers than ever before. Web chat offers an additional outlet for sales people and customers to connect, giving customers the opportunity to receive real-time answers to pressing questions.

But the tactics and advice is the same: take the time to listen to what customers are saying so that you can tailor services to meet their needs, don't rush the sale and if a problem arises, avoid excuses; instead, explain why the problem has occurred. Assume a courteous disposition, be willing to ask what you can do for them, and showcase the benefits of working with you and your dealership. Internet customers are after the same things traditional customers are; to be heard and be advised.

You Can Visit Repossessed Car Auctions

Did you know that repossessed car auctions are open to the general public?

For years car dealers have been trying to keep this secret to themselves, by implying that you needed to be a licensed car dealer to attend a repossessed car auction.

While there are car auctions that are restricted to dealers only, most car auctions, including repossessed car auctions on behalf of government agencies, are open to the general public.

I would strongly recommend that you start attending repossessed car auctions.

You would be surprised at how many formerly high earners have their cars repossessed.

Top of the line cars such as Range Rovers, Cadillac Escalades, and many more cars are repossessed, many of these cars are then auctioned at car auctions.

By attending car auctions, you will have the opportunity to buy cars at below book value, and make money by reselling them through online and print advertisements.

Discovering Collectible Cars At Car Auctions

When attending a car auction, keep your eye out for collectible cars.

Although most car shoppers at the auctions will have little regard for a collectible car, it can be worth plenty of money outside of the car auction.

Take a laptop or cell phone with a wireless Internet connection to all car auctions, and research any odd or special looking cars.

You never know what you might discover at the car auction.

How To Make Sure You Buy The Right Car At An Auction

If you want to make sure you are buying the right car at an auction, closely observe the reactions of experienced bidders upon seeing the car.

Although an experienced car auction bidder will not divulge his preferences to you, it's another thing altogether to mask his natural reaction upon seeing the car.

You would be surprised at how even experienced car auction bidders will express out loud how much they like a car being offered up for auction.

Beware Of Curbstoning In The Car Auction Business

Curbstoning is the process of buying salvage cars at auctions, fixing them up with spare parts found at salvage and junk yards, and then selling the cars to unsuspecting car buyers.

As a car buyer or seller attending car auctions, you should be aware of this.

I suspect many of these cars are resold at car auctions, so beware of signs that will show that a car has been heavily repaired or refinished.

Your best bet when buying a car at an auction is to request a CarFax report, and to take a licensed mechanic with you.

Although an inspection might not reveal hidden flaws, it will at least help prevent you from bidding on blatant lemons at car auctions.

When done right, there is plenty of money to be made by buying and selling cars at car auctions.

Clever Way To Make Money At Car Auctions

Here is a simple but clever way to make money at car auctions.

Most cars purchased at car auctions will need small repairs, and basic maintenance, before the cars can hit the road.

You can make money at these auctions by forming a joint venture with a car mechanic.

Make an agreement through which you will receive a commission for all referred business.

Then spend your time giving out his business cards to the car auction attendees.

Even if they don't purchase cars at the auction, chances are that they will have cars at home that could use a good mechanic.

Never Compete With This Bidder At A Car Auction

Never Compete With This Bidder At A Car Auction

Bidding at car auctions can be exciting, because ultimately the highest bidder will be able to buy the car.

Even if your winning bid at the car auction is way below book value, and there are no reserves, it will be accepted, and you will be the new owner of a car at a sizable discount.

So bid with enthusiasm, and ignore the competitive nature of your fellow car bidders.

But there is one bidder you should never go against.

And that’s the bank.

A bank will keep on bidding to ensure that the car is not sold for below an amount that it seeks to recuperate.

If the bank is owed $5,000 on the car, and it desires to recoup at least half of the loan, it will keep bidding until the car auction reaches $2,500.

While you will be bidding in good faith, the bank will keep pushing up your bids to ensure that its needs are met.